EUCO Riga 2022


The Power of Art

Digital Art House

The Opening party will take place in the newly opened multi-functional place, Digital Art House

At the different hours, we will have a different style of art with the music according to it. At midnight DJs will come and throw a big party.

Dress code: be a piece of art

A 1-minute walk from the hotel.


Port Party

Andrejostas Kvartāls AOK

The thursday party consists of a streetfood festival and an afterparty in one of the hottest party places in Riga, Andrejostas Kvartāls. This territory has remained mainly untouched after it being a technical part of the Riga port during Soviet times. The industrial feel, the calm water of Daugava river and poles of nearby parked yachts make the eye-pleasing panorama. 

Dress code: Show your Ukrainian colours (blue and yellow)

7 minutes bus ride / 20 minutes walk from the hotel.


Country Booths

Latvian Society House

The Riga Latvian Society House is a five-story building designed in the Neoclassical style – the very first of its kind in Riga. 

This building is the perfect place to host the traditional country booths and call each country on the stage.

Dress code: national costume

10 minutes walk from the hotel.

Silent Disco

National Library of Latvia

The Friday party will take place in the National Library of Latvia, also known as Castle of Light (Gaismas pils), is an extraordinary, culturally significant building designed by the internationally renowned Latvian architect Gunnar Birkerts to be both a striking architectural symbol for Latvia and a multi-functional structure that meets the needs of a modern information based society.

Dress code: sensation white

10 minutes bus drive / 30 minutes walk from the hotel


ERIC Meeting and Pleanary Session

RGSL Conference Rooms

The ERIC meeting and the plenary session will be hosted in the comfort of the hotel’s conference rooms. The hotel offers spacious rooms that can host up to 300 rotaractors.

Gala Dinner

National Library of Latvia

The Saturday Gala dinner will take place in the National Library of Latvia.

Dress code: black tie with a touch of Latvian red.

10 minutes bus drive / 30 minutes walk from the hotel



Continue your trip with Post EUCO Estonia or see you in the next ERIC event!



23-25th of May

2 nights at Amberton Cathedral Square Hotel

Vilnius TV tour excursion

Lukiškių Ex-jail visit at night

Vilnius City-Tour

MO modern ART museum

Party bus to Riga


The unique cuisine, historical monuments, and very friendly prices are just some of the reasons to visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania – a city quite literally in the center of Europe.

If you’re planning a city trip to the Lithuanian capital, you’ll immediately notice that there are many churches!

Fortunately, these buildings are very beautiful and you can certainly visit a few without getting bored. But still… There is much more to see in Vilnius and beyond!

Why Lithuania?



29-31st of May

1 night at ”Tēva Mājas Garoza” guest house

Traditional Baltic sauna and herbs massage

Mythology and paganism

1 night at Citybox Tallinn Hotel

Transport to Tallinn

Tallinn city tour

Post EUCO Retreat

After such an exhausting EUCO we all need a retreat. We will take you to the ”Tēva Mājas Garoza” guest house situated in the north of Latvia.

The guest house is just 100 meters away from the Baltic sea. You can immerse yourselves in nature, enjoy the sauna rituals and sit by the fireplace to discover the history of the Baltics and their mythology.

You will be recharged and enriched with the Baltic culture, ready for the journey to Tallinn.


Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia with a population of over 450,000. It is situated on the northern coast of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was almost untouched by war and remains a perfectly preserved walled city.

Tallinn is the major political, financial, cultural, and educational center of Estonia. In addition to longtime functions as a seaport and capital city, Tallinn has seen the development of an information technology sector; in its 13 December 2005, edition, The New York Times characterized Estonia as “a sort of Silicon Valley on the Baltic Sea.”

Why Estonia?